2014-2015 Shell Lake Afterschool Outdoor Education Program

A Qualtrics survey was printed out for 2-4th graders to fill out on the last day of 4-H Afterschool. Twenty three students were present on that day. Each week, different youth were participants so this survey did not capture all of their responses, and most were not there for every class.  Almost half of the students indicate that they did not enjoy Afterschool, and one third said that they wouldn’t do more outdoor activities if offered with 4-H Afterschool. Students indicated that they gained in all areas except their comfort exploring the outdoors (which remained the same, and was lower than any other indicator either before or after the class). They gained most in their confidence to build a shelter they could stay in overnight. Click here to view the full report. For questions or more information on this program, contact:

Anna DeMers
4-H Youth Development Educator
UW-Extension Washburn County