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Washburn County Board Seeks Youth Representatives

The Washburn County Board of Supervisors welcomes youth in grades 9, 10, and 11 who are residents of Washburn County to apply to serve as youth representatives on the County Board. This initiative provides Washburn County youth an opportunity to play a valuable and active leadership role in the governance of the county while enhancing […]


Healthy Screen Use For Families With Toddlers

In most American households, screens now outnumber family members. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions are part of everyday life for many families and children. With screen media playing a bigger role in our lives, how can parents know how much, and what kind of screen time, is healthy for their young children? Recently, a team […]


Take Time to Check Your Free Credit Report

The information in your credit report can affect your life in important ways. It can influence your interest rate for credit cards and loans; affect your monthly insurance payments; your ability to get a mortgage or rent an apartment; and maybe even apply for a job. What’s in your credit report? It is a detailed […]

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Changing Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region

This 4-week course will feature a new season each week through short lectures and activities covering Great Lakes weather, observed changes in the climate, and societal impacts of climate change. Along with sharing our passion for weather and climate, we’ll convey information from NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) Weather-Ready Nation initiative as well as findings […]

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4-H Newsletter December 2014

THE GREATEST GIFT That greatest gift is the Joy of a gift shared; That giving of ourselves, Our time, Our encouragement, Our resourcefulness. That greatest gift is the giving Of ourselves to a worthy other, So that special one can enhance The value and number of his or her Gifts to the world. So let […]


Cultural Arts Day 2015

Culurural Arts Day will take place on Saturday, February 28 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Spooner. This day includes: Talent Explosion, Foods Revue, and Clothing Revue. This annual 4-H event showcases the rich artistic talents of Washburn County 4-H members. Any 4-H member is encouraged to participate regardless of whether you are enrolled in a […]

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Leadership Washburn County Newsletter November 2014

WELCOME to Leadership Washburn County Class of 2015! This year we have eleven participants from the private and public sectors. The Class of 2015 include: Dawn Cornelissen, Whitney Korthof, Jennifer Danielsen, Sharon Kindle, Jim Schmitz, Lisa Burns, Andi Neubich, Tasha Hagberg, Clint Miller, Brent Rapos, and Rachael Schmidt. To date, the class has particpated in […]

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Home Canning Information and Pressure Gauge Testing

Have you had your pressure canner dial gauge tested this year? Accuracy of the gauge can make the difference between over or under processed jars in your canner. All low-acid food, which includes all vegetables and meats, must be processed in a pressure canner to kill the spores that can cause botulism toxin in sealed […]


Financial Coaching Available

No matter how good our intentions, we sometimes need a little help to adopt better habits. When money matters are a concern financial coaching is gaining attention as a way to help people put their good intentions into action and improve their financial security. Financial coaches team up with individuals to develop goals, establish plans […]

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Junior Leaders Shoebox Recycling Fundraiser

Do you have old, unwanted shoes dying for a new home? The Washburn County Junior Leaders are willing to take them off your hands! This is a fundraiser for the Washburn County 4-H Junior Leaders. The more pairs of shoes you donate, the more money our group will get! We get $.50 per pound of shoes […]