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Culurural Arts Day has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 28, 2015. This day includes: Talent Explosion, Foods Revue, and Clothing Revue. Watch the Wasbhurn County 4-H newsletter and this website for more details!

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Discipline vs. Punishment/What About Spanking?

There has been a lot of press lately on whether spanking is okay, and when it goes too far. I’d like to take the question back to: what is it that we want to teach our children? Discipline means “to teach.” It is not showing a child who is the boss or just telling them […]

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Home Canning Information and Pressure Gauge Testing

Have you had your pressure canner dial gauge tested this year? Accuracy of the gauge can make the difference between over or under processed jars in your canner. All low-acid food, which includes all vegetables and meats, must be processed in a pressure canner to kill the spores that can cause botulism toxin in sealed […]


Financial Coaching Available

No matter how good our intentions, we sometimes need a little help to adopt better habits. When money matters are a concern financial coaching is gaining attention as a way to help people put their good intentions into action and improve their financial security. Financial coaches team up with individuals to develop goals, establish plans […]

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4-H Newsletter September 2014

4-H HEALTH PLEDGE I pledge myself to think clearly That I may live wisely For my health’s sake That I may never know the evil Of narcotics or strong drink.   May I strive daily for clean, healthful habits For my physical up-bringing. I pledge myself to study the yardstick of health And obey its […]

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Leadership Washburn County Newsletter June 2014

This was the smallest Leadership Washburn County class since the program’s inception back in 2001.  The Class of 2014 started off with eleven participants but, due to a health situation and job change, ended up with only nine graduates.  Even though small in number, the class represented a mix of public and private sector and […]

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Junior Leaders Shoebox Recycling Fundraiser

Do you have old, unwanted shoes dying for a new home? The Washburn County Junior Leaders are willing to take them off your hands! This is a fundraiser for the Washburn County 4-H Junior Leaders. The more pairs of shoes you donate, the more money our group will get! We get $.50 per pound of shoes […]


Spooner Retail Mix/Comparison Community Analysis

The City of Spooner currently has sixty-eight percent more businesses in its one mile ring around its downtown than the average of sixty peer Wisconsin Communities!  In fact, the number of Spooner downtown businesses tracks more like Wisconsin Communities with populations twice the size of Spooner’s!  Want to learn more about Spooner’s vibrant business climate?  Click […]